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Irony is a literary device where the chosen words are intentionally used to indicate a meaning other than the literal one.

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cutoff meaning: 1. the act of stopping the supply of something: 2.

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BLAST 2 is designed for all children in reception aged from 4-5.

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Serge Ibaka is a basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, CB L'Hospitalet, Ricoh Manresa, and Real Madrid Baloncesto in the National Basketball Association.

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In english tagalog dictionary, "appetite" is "gana"

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Results for obstruction of justice translation from English to Tagalog.

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Fill Affidavit Of Two Disinterested Person Tagalog, Edit online.

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Contextual translation of "consequence meaning" into Tagalog.

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Contextual translation of "overindulgence meaning tagalog" into Tagalog.